Integrated Pottery Development Project

  • Section by GR No. RTI/102012/623843/kh1 dt.29/10/2013 Industries and Mine Department GoG.
  • Implanting Agency : Joint Collaborative Project GMK & RTI and CGCRI, Naroda.
  • Total Project Cost Rs. 959.31 lacs.
  • Duration 5 years







GMKRTI 124.74 258.80 160.48 38.79 0.00 582.81
CGCRI 100.62 94.88 77.50 54.50 49.00 376.50
Total 225.36 353.68 237.98 93.29 49.00 959.31

The project aims at providing sustainable employment and improved quality of life to the potter's of state through implementation of proposed project. The whole concept of the Project is enabling the artisans to produce good quality marketable product and there by to improve there over all life standard of rural people.

The project enables the craftsman to produce quality products with a grater acceptability in the domestic as well as international market. In a broader perspective the project resulting in higher standard of living of craft person individually and collectively in rural pottery through efficient product practices, professionalized management and emerged marketing network. The objective of the project can thus be enumerated as below.


  • To upgrade the skill of the artisans through appropriate design and technology interventions as to enable them to use quality raw materials, tools and equipment in helping produce value added items.
  • Providing training to increase their productivity & furnace capacity.
  • To create Center of excellence with well integrated forward and backward linkages.
  • Development of new design and prototypes with help of CGCRI to cope with the tastes of the consumers and contribute to enhance the sales of pottery product in domestic market.
  • Diversification of Product Range especially in the production of Glazed Terracotta for creating new avenues for sustenance of rural potter in the State.
  • Transfer of Technology Package to the village potters for the overall benefits of rural potters.
  • Providing them with logistics like improved tools & equipment's.
  • To impart with the latest information regarding technology, process, marketing and the changing needs of customers.

Key Activities

  • Base line survey for identification pottery pockets & beneficiaries ( 25 location)
  • Awareness Programme by CGCRI ( 25 location)
  • Raw Material Testing by CGCRI ( 232 location)
  • Suggestion of suitable Clay body composition at various locations and related developmental activity ( 232 location)
  • Product Development & Design Intervention by CGCRI ( R & D work)
  • Basic Pottery Training (3000 Beneficiaries )
  • Follow-up Training cum demonstration prg. (3000 Beneficiaries )
  • Advance Training at CGCRI & Wankaner (300 Beneficiaries )
  • Providing technology for demonstrative effect (15 Artisan Group)
  • Publicity 3 Seminar / Meet / TV documentary , WEB etc.
  • Development of two Model Training Center cum resource centre with the Help of CGCRI (1. Sabarkanth 2. Saurastra region )
  • Procurement of technology - best practices from the other part of country Glass bead Technology
  • Infra structure creation for Video conferencing ( two )
  • Development of entrepreneur ship visit to National/ International fairs & NGO Activities by CGCRI
  • Demonstration Mobile van (1.25 lakhs Beneficiaries)