Design Studio

The RTIG is proposing the project of design studio on the first floor at the existing Rural Technology Institute, Gandhinagar. Area of the site is 4000 (approx).

The purpose of proposing the design studio is to up gradation of Technology and Skill of artisans in the cottage and Rural Industries sector so as to improve efficiency, productivity and income level of the artisans. The proposed Design Studio will enable the rural poor to have access to successful and proven technology, as well as training, so that they in turn are able to produce high quality products that yield high returns. This Design Studio will be centre of excellence and best practices in all aspects connected to cottage and rural enterprise and business development.

The Design Studio will assist the beneficiaries through training in the use of new technology and providing skill upgradation courses and Product development. Since enterprise development also requires other inputs in the form of marketing linkages, credit facilities, selection of product and product design, packaging and branding, etc, the Studio will also act as a counseling centre and will link the entrepreneurs to other agencies. They will handhold the entrepreneurs right from training and the setting up of the enterprise, to the stabilization of the business venture.

By the setting up of Design studio with high technology machines, to make the rural poor living below the poverty line into self reliant and successful entrepreneurs rather than wage employees with high vulnerability and fluctuating incomes. The Project recognizes the fact that creating entrepreneurs requires substantial inputs and investments. Therefore, the Design Studio that it proposes to set up will be self sustaining and will provide all the services required for successful enterprise development.

In the present proposal is the development for several product activities and training facilities for each activity. Like,

  • Handicraft
  • Rural Activities (Tradinational)
  • Handloom
  • Display & Physically Activities
  • Pottery


  • Transfer of technology by encouraging, promoting and consolidating user participation to operate various technology models.
  • Maintaining a focus on best practices so as to create products of high quality and competence.
  • Provide functional exposure to replicable models to meet location-specific needs.
  • Lend Technologies at the Studio to users to facilitate demonstration and the production of high quality goods on site.
  • Promote the participative and partnership network collaboration between frontline users and other official and technical personnel by taking the technology to the doorstep of the user.
  • Networking with all other actors concerned with successful enterprise development technology developers, users, marketing support organizations, financial institutions, and local bodies.
  • Providing a platform for the periodic exchange of ideas related to products, technology, marketing, finance, etc, and thereby being a centre for innovation.
  • Addressing and documenting the practical aspects of transfer of technology like project costs, accessibility, maintenance, profitability, marketing, etc..
  • Providing a regular mechanism for the appraisal of various technologies and products so that they do not become obsolete.

Proposed design studio will have following components

  • Training Hall:-
    To provide training / lectures with presentation on LED audio & Visual.
  • Work Shop:-
    With different zones for physical training on machines. For Activities like Handicraft, Leather Article making Training etc.
  • Display Area:-
    To display all products made with Rural technology training.
  • Cafeteria:-
    To provide recreation during all day training.
  • Staff Area:-
    Seating arrengment for staff and visiting faculties.
  • Guest Rooms:-
    For providing rest area for out station trainees.
  • Store Area:-
    To store products / raw material etc.